The Champion Project

Our Mission

The Champion Project acts as a vehicle to eliminate the gap between the nation’s brightest minorities and leading colleges by equipping them with the foundational information they need to be admitted and thrive at elite institutions.

Our goal is to expose minorities to the opportunities offered at top-tier institutions so they will not limit their potential. With that being said, we expect at least 80% of our scholars to matriculate onto the campus of an elite institution.


"I was given the pleasure and honor of chaperoning The Champion Project’s Ivy League College Tour. I am so very proud of them because they are giving opportunities to the minorities in our community so that they can see that they belong in these spaces, how easy it is to get into the spaces, and that the opportunities such as financial aid, support, and community that they thought they could only get at certain institutions are actually available at these ones that they thought they couldn’t get into to. I appreciate the opportunity to attend their Ivy League College Tour because I learned some things myself and I know that they impacted a lot of people. This will only get bigger and better."

— Juanita Price, College Tour Volunteer