Our Story


Meet Our Founder

Leila Champion is a community leader and an up and coming philanthropist, who is passionate about supporting under resourced minorities on the journey to higher education.

It all started when…

our founder had the opportunity to study at Harvard University for 7 weeks. As she walked through the yard each morning she saw thousands of tourists showing their children around. It startled her that about 50% of those tourist were minorities although only about 1% of them were African American or Hispanic. She was also surprised that many of the tourists or students were not from the Midwest! This realization intrigued her and provoked her to look into the demographics of the Ivy League in comparison to the demographics of Indianapolis. She discovered a small percentage of students attending elite institutions were African American or Hispanic meanwhile a nice chunk of Indianapolis’ population is African American and Hispanic. Her findings made her want to educate minority students that may have the potential to attend elite institutions about the benefits they could reap from attending which is why she began The Champion Project.