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college tours for a champion

Our college tours are like no other! Students (8th-11th graders) residing in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are brought together to experience schools in which they may have never had the opportunity to visit or thought they were unable to attend. Each campus tour is lead by students who look like our scholars so they can see that they are represented on elite campuses and feel welcomed. Our college tours strive to expand the mindsets and broaden the reaches of our scholars. Please be sure to check back August 2019 to see where we will be headed next!


Spring Break 2020


TBA: August 2019!


champion coaching:

The Champion Project offers 1-on-1 coaching for seniors in high school to ensure they are on track to attend leading colleges. We review students’ transcripts and resumes to make sure they are taking challenging courses while remaining active in their communities. In our sessions we will discuss techniques to write your college admission essays, how to request stellar recommendation letters, ways to study for the SAT/ACT, interview skills and much more!


July 5, 2019