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MEET OUR FOUNDER : Leila Champion

MEET OUR FOUNDER: Leila Champion


Leila Champion is a community leader and an up and coming philanthropist, who is passionate about supporting under resourced minorities on the journey to higher education. Leila’s journey begins in Dayton, Ohio where she was born and raised. After moving to Indianapolis, she completed her freshman year at Lawrence North High School and then went on to Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School for a more rigorous curriculum. It was there where she found her love for education. In 2018, Leila took advantage of an opportunity to take college courses at Harvard University as a part of their Secondary School program. She spent 7 weeks immersed in the elite college culture has since earned 26 college credits while she’s still in high school. She credits her pre-college experiences to helping her expand her mind, and experiences beyond the confines of her local community. She became more culturally aware, and motivated to expose youth like herself to educational experiences that broaden their view of higher education.